How to Have an Ultra Sexy Tropicl Vacation

We’ve all had fantasies of romantic tropical vacations. We’ve read the magazines, seen the travel shows, and followed the Instagram post of serial travelers. While other people might be telling you where to eat, what fashionable bikini to wear, and what to see, I want to make sure most beautiful thing you see on vacation is your travel partner.

It’s not just travel, it’s tropical travel. Sexy tropical travel at that. So how does one stay fresh, sexy, and alluring in an environment which can feel like you’re vacationing in your gym’s steam room? Follow these tips, tricks, and words of wisdom for some seriously seductive moments.

What to Wear

In addition to your lightweight outer clothing and multiple swim suits, you’ll want to pack some lingerie and loungewear. Don’t worry about packing a ton basic bras and panties. Pack a few sets and focus on the sexy items. Chances are you’ll be wearing your bathing suit as a bra and panties all day anyway, because after a long hike to a jungle waterfall you’ll probably want to get wet.

Whatever your lingerie style, traveling is a great time to switch it up. Bring something you’ve never worn before. If you’re more traditional, try something a little more daring, if your more irreverent slip into something simple and sweet. The point is to be unexpected. Having a vacation from your style can make fun exciting memories. And, let’s face it these are the memories you’ll be reliving in the bedroom until next years vacation.

If your hotel has air conditioning you’re really not limited in the type of lingerie you can bring. However, if you’re staying in an eco friendly bungalow, or some other place with no AC try to stay away from stockings, bodysuits, and tight non breathable fabrics. When it’s hot and sticky out you’ll probably want to stay with light breezy garments. Crotchless panties are breezy and are great option when you’re looking for breathable fabrics.

Reduce the amount of items you pack by using shampoo instead of lingerie wash. Shampoo is designed to break down proteins and is gentle enough to be used around your face and eyes making it a great substitute for your lingerie wash.

TSA and Toys

For some people the idea of going through airport security with a sex toy induces feelings of panic. They have visions of waiting in a security screening line, putting their bag on the belt for X-ray, stepping through the metal detector, putting their shoes on, getting ready to go, only to have the TSA agent say those dreaded words, “Step aside I need to check your bag.” Not to worry, there are steps you can take to minimize and avoid any discomfort during airport screening.

First, let me just say, your TSA agent has very likely seen it all. They check thousands of bags a day and your vibrator probably isn’t that memorable. And yes, you can carry on a vibrator.

Pack your toys in a plastic bag and then in a small locking bag you can put in your suitcase. Do NOT lock the bag until you get to your hotel as the TSA agent may have to open the bag. The locking bag is for your privacy from cleaning staff at your hotel. If your bag does get checked, or if you are asked what the items are, simply say, “It’s my vibrator, or personal massager.” That usually ends the conversation. Do no lie to your TSA agent. You can also ask to have your bag checked in private.

Vibrators, handcuffs, dildos, lubricants, even some whips are acceptable carry on according to the TSA. Make sure your lubricants, which are liquids, are in small TSA approved sizes.

The TSA doesn’t appreciate you being a size queen. If your a, ‘Bigger is better’ kind of person, you may want to check your toys. The TSA has a size limit of 7 inches for all cary on tools.

To prevent your vibrator from accidentally turning on, take the batteries out and store them in a separate plastic bag. If your toy has a travel lock on it, remember to engage it.

To avoid all the guess work and the potential, albeit slight, for embarrassment, I recommend just checking your bags with your toys. That way, if your bag does get inspected, you and the people in line with you won’t be around to see it. Pack all the gear you want, like you’re about climb Everest, and your fellow passengers will never be the wiser.

A quick disclaimer. If a TSA agent doesn’t know what your toy or accessories is, they may confiscate it. You may want to label an exotic toy. Also, check in with the laws in your country of destination. Sex toys are illegal in some countries and your toys could be confiscated.

Healthy and Happy

You’re in the tropics. Rock walls, waterfalls, hidden pools in lush jungle, warm rain, calm surf, and your favorite part, the love of your life, or the moment. Either way, I’m assuming you’ll have lots of sexy time on your sexy vacation. And, since so many Honeymooners spend every waking moment wrapped up in each other, it’s no wonder the dreaded UTI is also know as ‘The Honeymoon Disease’. Post-nuptial getaway or not, a UTI can be incredible painful, and put a major kink in your holiday plans. (And, not the fun kind of kink.)

A UTI is a result of bacteria, which can be introduced during sex into the urethra and travel up to the bladder. Some people are just prone to these unfortunate bouts while others can be surprised by them after a long imitate weekend, or week. Drinking copious amounts of water in the tropics will not only keep you hydrated, it can help avoid this irritating infection. Ladies, remembering to pee after every magical moment tother can flush the urethra of unwanted bacteria. Gentlemen are less prone to UTI’s as their grand finale cleans their pipes.

Don’t Forget to Pack

Not all power is created equal. If your toy charges, you may want to bring a power adapter depending on the power supply of your destination. Don’t for get the extra batteries for the traditional vibes.

Anticipate friction and pack lube. Even if you don’t usually use it, lubricant, aka Personal Moisturizer, can come in handy on a romantic retreat. The combination of travel, heat, and liberal amounts of sex can irritate even the most balanced body. Lubricants reduce friction, irritation, and condom breakage. Use silicone lube for pools, hot tubs and water based for all your silicone toys.

Non-Latex condoms. Some people who are normally fine with latex can develop an irritation with prolonged exposure. Throw a few non-latex condoms in your bag just in case.

The tropics infuses the air itself with romance. Don’t be surprised if you feel a a bit more spontaneous than you do at home. And since you may be sweating like you’ve just run a marathon from the heat and humidity, packing intimate wipes will allow you to freshen up quickly and conveniently. Toss a few single use packets into your day bag or purse and you’ll be pseudo shower fresh wherever the day takes you.