Deluxe Acrylic Crystal Wand

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The Deluxe Acrylic Crystal Wand by Nectar Products is made of beautiful, safe, effective, shatterproof and washable Pyrex Glass. At only 5/8 in diameter on the slim rippled end and 1.25 in diameter on the ball end, this 8.75 long curved wand weighs only 7oz.

Great for use by all genders, the Deluxe Acrylic Crystal Wand is great for finding and stimulating the P-spot and G-spot! Doctor, hospital and physical therapist recommended as an excellent pelvic therapy tool and prostate pelvic therapy massage tool. 

The S-shape design gives you the needed angle to release pelvic tension and the needed leverage to easily find and reach the G-Spot and prostate (Male G Spot) effortlessly. These two pleasure areas are normally difficult to reach and stimulate on your own. Also recommended by pelvic physical therapists for relief of pelvic tension and a variety of pelvic conditions. Recommended by many physical therapists and medical doctors. Used with a partner, or by oneself, the Crystal Wand has a variety of uses and staying power! Comes with instruction booklet and is dishwasher safe.